The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) as coordinator of the project LIFE HYPOBRICK-Towards hypocarbonic economy. Development of non-fired building materials based on wastes, financed by LIFE programme  of the European Union with the reference: LIFE 18 CCM/ES/001114 participated in the World Congress on the Tile Quality -QUALICER 2020, which this year has reached its 30th anniversary.

QUALICER 2020 was held on 10 and 11 February at the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, and the LIFE HYPOBRICK project disseminated its characteristics and main objectives through a scientific poster entitled: «Towards a hypocarbon economy: development of unfired ceramic materials» which described the background, problems, proposed solutions and, in short, the commitment and support for the decarbonisation of the economy by the LIFE HYPOBRICK consortium, which, in addition to the ITC, is composed by Ladrillos Mora, S.L.; RCS, S.L. (Recycling, Consulting & Services, S.L.); Schlagmann Poroton GmbH and the University of Nuremberg (THN).

In addition, at the stand that the ITC has available in the framework of QUALICER, the staff had business cards with the contact of LIFE HYPOBRICK and interested people could talk to the research staff in charge of this project at the ITC to consult any doubt or question.

QUALICER is a scientific forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón and the College of Industrial Engineers. In 2020 it hosted more than 600 attendees from countries almost all over the world. The ITC had an outstanding participation through a stand where it presented its R+D+i work through graphic communication (Roll Ups, Banners, leaflets, catalogues) and the presence of expert staff, but it also participated through oral communications, a round table on industry 4.0 in the ceramic sector, and a total of 20 oral presentations and 19 scientific posters.

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