ITC disseminates the LIFE HYPOBRICK project at the international CEVISAMA 2020


The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) as coordinator of the project LIFE HYPOBRICK-Towards hypocarbonic economy. Development of non-fired building materials based on wastes, funded by the LIFE Programme of the EU with reference: LIFE 18 CCM/ES/001114), disseminated at the CEVISAMA sectorial event (03-07/02/2020 Feria Valencia-España) the characteristics and objectives of this action whose consortium, in addition to the ITC, is composed by Ladrillos Mora, S.L.; RCS, S.L. (Recycling, Consulting & Services, S.L.); Schlagmann Poroton GmbH y la Universidad de Nuremberg (THN).


More specifically, its objectives were explained during the International Press Conference organized by the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (ASCER), (04/02/2020) which was attended by more than 100 journalists from 80 countries, and in which the head of the ITC’s Habitat Area, Javier Mira, reported on various technological innovations and future challenges in research, especially regarding the decarbonization of the economy, which is one of the fundamental objectives of LIFE HYPOBRICK.

In addition, the ITC, in its stand located in a privileged point of the CEVISAMA Trade Fair (in a distributor at the main entrance) was also presented by their experts staff, its research activity to the visitors.

The organization of CEVISAMA has calculated a total of 92,435 professional visitors to the event in 2020, of which more than 21,000 were foreign visitors from more than 90 countries.

LIFE HYPOBRICK aims to help decarbonize the economy by developing unfired waste-based construction materials through an alkaline activation process. In addition, the raw materials used are waste generated both in the ceramic manufacturing process and from other sources.

These actions would lead to exceptional savings in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, both from the reuse of waste and from energy saving, by not using the traditional firing process.

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