Zeilarn (Germany) June 26, 2022.- The entire LIFE HYPOBRICK Project consortium travels to the Schlagman Poroton facilities in Zeilarn-Germany.



The reason is none other than the celebration of the 3rd LIFE HYPOBRICK Meeting with the monitor Sara Barcelò from NEEMO, as a representative of the European Commission, and which is financed by the European Union through the LIFE Program (Ref.: LIFE 18 CCM/ES/001114).

During the day, the facilities of the important brick company Schlagman Poroton with a production of more than 20,000 bricks per day were visited. Directed by Jens
Geduhn as Technical Director, the different brick manufacturing processes have been shown, and specifically the prototypes made within the framework of the LIFE HYPOBRICK project.

On the occasion of this face-to-face meeting of the LIFE HYPOBRICK consortium, the participants have been able to see in situ the progress of the prototypes and draw up the planning to be able to carry out tests on an industrial scale, both at the Schlagman Poroton facilities in Germany and in Ladrillos Mora in Spain.

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