LIFE HYPOBRICK is present at the IV National Conference on WEEE Management


On September 22 and 23, the IV National Conference on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Management was held in Zaragoza (Spain).

The Congress organized by eight associations dedicated to the Extended Responsibility of the producer of electronic devices, with more than 360 attendees at the event. Among other topics discussed, prominence was given to Europe’s need to reuse materials with which the electronic devices that we use in our day to day are built, as everyone’s responsibility is to recover them and reuse them again. .

This type of electronic recycling ensures the return to the production process of thousands of tons of strategic materials and minerals, which are increasingly scarce throughout the world. It is what we know as circular economy and it is a new concept of urban mining.

That is why the LIFE HYPOBRICK project causes great expectation in the sector, since it contributes to recycling a fraction of WEEE, which is the glass from TVs and Cathode Ray Tube Monitors, as well as the glass from photovoltaic screens.

At the LIFE Congress HYPOBRICK exhibits an information panel, which in turn serves as a meeting point with the attendees.

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