Holding of a workshop on “Transfer of waste”

On October 20, the work meeting within the framework of the LIFE HYPOBRICK project took place in Ladrillos Mora, Illescas-Toledo (Spain).

In the colloquium and work table, there are the main actors involved in the transfer of waste within the framework of the project. Among the participants were representatives of Ladrillos Mora S.L. as receiver of the waste, Reciclajes Pozo Cañada S.L. as the origin of the waste, Worldlex as the permit processing company, ITC-AICE as the technological institute and coordinator of the project, as well as RCS as the waste agent.

An interesting and positive colloquium took place, about how obtaining the permits to extend the Environmental Authorization of Ladrillos Mora for the LER codes of the waste linked to the project has been delayed in time. Not having this extension in time to carry out the industrial tests, it has been decided to use the construction and demolition waste, whose Integrated Environmental Authorization of Ladrillos Mora, S.L. includes their LER codes. In addition, laboratory tests have been very positive with this residue, and the first industrial tests have also given satisfactory results.

LIFE HYPOBRICK participates in the first International Building Decarbonization 2022 Conference

LIFE HYPOBRICK was present at the first International Building Decarbonization Congress held on October 5-7 in Athens. The conference provided an ideal forum for an exchange of information and ideas, among stakeholders in the built environment industry, on the timely and important topic of reducing carbon emissions from buildings.

The conference presented the most advanced concepts in design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of buildings, as well as new technologies and emerging materials. The main objective of the conference is to unite the collaboration of North America and Europe in decarbonization efforts.

LIFE HYPOBRICK represented by Jens Geduhn from Schlagmann Porotono Gmbh & Co. KG, and partner of the project, presented the progress and results obtained to date.

LIFE HYPOBRICK presents its advances at the 2022 Future Materials Conference

From October 3 to 7, 2022, the Future Materials Conference 2022 was held in Rome (Italy). The event provided an ideal international platform for the dissemination of advances in the research and development of future materials. The Conference featured talks on new materials and research directions, nanotechnology-driven solutions in materials engineering, commercialization opportunities and challenges, and other important interdisciplinary topics. In this edition, among others, experts from the industry, researchers and professionals who work in various aspects of materials science and nanotechnology, who participate and contribute to the advancement of research and development of materials, have attended.

The LIFE HYPOBRICK project was present at the hands of Felix Kugler from the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, project partner, and who made the presentation of the advances with new materials and brick manufacturing processes.

From October 4 to 6, the 19th edition of Ecofira was held and LIFE HYPOBRICK was present.

“This international event for environmental solutions held in Valencia (Spain) is a meeting point where companies and public bodies present the latest advances in efficient environmental management. With 18 editions held, the event has established itself as a reference for professionals and companies in the sector, not only for its commercial offer, but also for its nature as a forum for debate and knowledge.

During the LIFE HYPOBRICK contest, it will present the latest advances and progress of the project during a round table that will be held with other innovative projects in its theme and management”

LIFE HYPOBRICK celebrates working group in Zeilarn-Germany

On September 29, LIFE HYPOBRICK held a working group in Zeilarn-Germany to show the progress of the project to companies and building and construction technicians. The group was moderated by Schlagmann Poroton GmbH as well as Technische Hochschule Nuernberg Georg Simon Ohm (THN) as partners of the LIFE HYPOBRICK project. The day had great expectation and participation of the face-to-face and online attendees.

LIFE HYPOBRICK is present at the IV National Conference on WEEE Management

On September 22 and 23, the IV National Conference on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Management was held in Zaragoza (Spain).

The Congress organized by eight associations dedicated to the Extended Responsibility of the producer of electronic devices, with more than 360 attendees at the event. Among other topics discussed, prominence was given to Europe’s need to reuse materials with which the electronic devices that we use in our day to day are built, as everyone’s responsibility is to recover them and reuse them again. .

This type of electronic recycling ensures the return to the production process of thousands of tons of strategic materials and minerals, which are increasingly scarce throughout the world. It is what we know as circular economy and it is a new concept of urban mining.

That is why the LIFE HYPOBRICK project causes great expectation in the sector, since it contributes to recycling a fraction of WEEE, which is the glass from TVs and Cathode Ray Tube Monitors, as well as the glass from photovoltaic screens.

At the LIFE Congress HYPOBRICK exhibits an information panel, which in turn serves as a meeting point with the attendees.

Zeilarn (Germany) June 26, 2022.- The entire LIFE HYPOBRICK Project consortium travels to the Schlagman Poroton facilities in Zeilarn-Germany.


The reason is none other than the celebration of the 3rd LIFE HYPOBRICK Meeting with the monitor Sara Barcelò from NEEMO, as a representative of the European Commission, and which is financed by the European Union through the LIFE Program (Ref.: LIFE 18 CCM/ES/001114).

During the day, the facilities of the important brick company Schlagman Poroton with a production of more than 20,000 bricks per day were visited. Directed by Jens
Geduhn as Technical Director, the different brick manufacturing processes have been shown, and specifically the prototypes made within the framework of the LIFE HYPOBRICK project.

On the occasion of this face-to-face meeting of the LIFE HYPOBRICK consortium, the participants have been able to see in situ the progress of the prototypes and draw up the planning to be able to carry out tests on an industrial scale, both at the Schlagman Poroton facilities in Germany and in Ladrillos Mora in Spain.